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About Us

Managing directors Michael Gauch and Roland PfletschingerAssembly area at Pfletschinger & GauchParts molded with tools by Pfletschinger & Gauch

Accuracy and maximal performance – that is our passion.

We think about the needs of our partners: for more than 70 years and three generations, tool and mold making at the Pfletschinger & Gauch family company has meant reliability and quality. We know that quality plastic products can only be economically manufactured with high-quality tools. For us, precision comes before quantity.

Our products stand for efficiency in all areas: low maintenance requirements save time and money. The risk of interruptions is minimized thanks to maximum production reliability. Short cycle times increase productivity. And thanks to the user-friendly design and good documentation, errors during commissioning are prevented and life-time costs are reduced.

These industries rely on our know-how:

  • Medical, pharmaceutical, and laboratory equipment industries

  • Packaging and closure industry

  • Cosmetics industry

  • Automotive industry

Our highly qualified employees develop solutions and accompany the process from concept creation to design and sampling of a component. This can only be achieved through continuity and commitment – towards our suppliers as well as towards our customers.

We look forward to your inquiry.

Company History

In 1951, businessman Alfred Pfletschinger and engineer Eugen Gauch founded the company in Plochingen. Pfletschinger & Gauch was one of the first toolmakers in the region. The production focus was initially on insulators and electronic device housings made of Bakelite.

A generation later, engineer Manfred Pfletschinger and business economist Peter Gauch took over the management of the company and transformed it into a precision moldmaking operation. In the 1980s, production mainly covered molds for video and audio cassettes as well as toys. As a founding member of the Association of German Tool and Mold Makers (VDWF), the company increasingly focused on the further development of mold making from 1992 onwards.

The two current Managing Directors and grandsons of the founders, Roland Pfletschinger and Michael Gauch, have developed the company further: away from a craft orientation and towards an industrial operation. Today, molds are primarily produced for the medical, pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment industries. The company is increasingly focusing on internationalization, digitalization, automation and the expansion of services. The company now employs around 50 people, many of whom were trained in-house.


We are a founding member of the Association of German Tool and Moldmakers

Marktspiegel Werkzeugbau

We are a cooperative member of the Marktspiegel Werkzeugbau